On this page i will list my favorite links about optics,  eye sight and laser surgery.

Eye sigh

Read more about how your eyes work in the links below.

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

All About Vision: A website about eye sight and disabilities.

For the Visually impaired

Learn more about different types of  visual impairment  such as Keratitis by visiting the sites below.

British Journal of Visual Impairment

American Foundation for the Blind

Laser Surgery

Learn more about LASIK  and how it can improve your vision.

Laser Eye Surgery: Information from NHS in the UK

Laser Surgery: Information from the US Goverment

Affording Surgery

Learn how you can get cheap Lasik and PKR surgery

All About Vision –  Subpage about LASIK financing

Night vision

Learn more about night vision and night vision devices.

ATN Corp: company that develops night vision devices


Learn more about telescopes. Website for  Orion telescopes  Online store selling cheap telescopes

Hubble Telescope: The official website

Investing in  contact lens manufacturers

Learn more about different lens manufacturers that you can invest in by buying stocks or options.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals:  Listed on the NYSE under the ticker VRX

Novartis: Listed on the NYSE under the ticker NVS

The Cooper Companies: Listed on the NYSE under the ticker COO

Johnson & Johnson: Listed on the NYSE under the ticker JNJ


This article was last updated on: April 5, 2017